Medical Disposable 100ml Burette Infusion Set for Pediatric

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Product description
1. Spike (ABS) with or without air vent (with protective cap)
2. Drip Chamber (PVC) with or without fluid filter
3. Flow regulator ,Size shape material as customer’ request (ABS or PE)
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Product Description

NO. Parameter Description
1 Size 100ml,150ml 200ml, bottle size, 20 drops/ml 60drops/ml
2 Tube length Latest promotion price sterile burette Infusion set
The specific details we can do as the clients request
3 Tip luer Slip/luer lock
4 Floating valve with or without
5 Needle with or without
6 Packing Unit packing: PE bag unit packing or blister package
Middle packing: inner box or without
Out packing: carton
Or in bulk
7 Product Accessories Vented spike, Dripping Chamber, Medicine Filter, Flow Regulator,  Luer Lock/Slip ,Connector,Infusion Tube, Y-injection port , Connector,Mould Chamber and so on
8 Materials * Closure piercing device made of white PET,60 drops/ml
* Drip chamber made of  PVC
* Flow Regulator made of polyethylene or ABS
* Soft and kink resistant medical grade PVC tubing
* Terminal fitting protective cap (luer slip or Luer-lock adapter upon request)      made of PVC or polystyrene
9 OEM Available
10 Sterile Sterillized by EO gas,non-toxic,pyrogen free
11 Samples Free
12 Expir time 5years
13 Certifiacte CE,ISO,FDA
14 others This products should be stored in a dry environment! Single use only ,reuse is forbiden! Stop use if the package are damaged

1.Individually packing: Blister packaging.
2.Inner packing: box
3.Outer packing: Carton

Product Structure: air-filter, soft tube, drip chamber, flow regulator, fluid filter,clamp,stop valve and “Y”injection site for adding fluid drug.
Product Instruction:The products are made by medical polymer materials.

Zhejiang Lingyang Medical Apparatus Co., Ltd was established in 1987, is a leading manufacturer of disposable medical device located in Southeast of China with 1000 employees.Our factory occupies an area of 70000 sq meters, of which 20, 000 sq meters are 100, 000-grade GMP clean rooms.We have a complete quality control system for medical devices. In our workshops, auto-assembly machines have been highly applied. Our annual output has reached 600, 000, 000 pieces of syringes and 150, 000, 000 pieces of infusion sets. We specialized in manufacturing disposable syringes, auto-disable syringe, safety syringe, disposable (burette) infusion set, surgical mask, medical mask, hypodermic needles, scalp needles, safety box, needle destroyer… .


    100ml Burette Infusion set

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