Free blood donation, dedication of love, love in Lingyang.

Blood is an important source of life and a red link that conveys social love. Free blood donation is a social welfare undertaking that contributes a little love, adds care and saves a life. In order to support social welfare undertakings, we vigorously promote the volunteer spirit of “dedication, friendship, mutual assistance and progress” and fulfill our social responsibility of donating blood to save lives. On the morning of December 7, Zhejiang Lingyang Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. organized a 2020 employee free blood donation activity.
Over the years, Lingyang Medical has attached great importance to voluntary blood donation and has always insisted on performing social functions and regarded it as an important part of the construction of corporate spiritual civilization. It has continuously strengthened publicity work and effectively enhanced employees’ sense of responsibility and dedication. In order to promote the smooth development of voluntary blood donation and create a good atmosphere for voluntary blood donation, the company’s labor union attaches great importance to it and has conducted extensive publicity and mobilization in the early stage to encourage all employees of the company to actively participate.
The weather was cold in the morning in early winter, but it could not stop the enthusiasm of employees to donate blood. Some employees were waiting early in the lobby of the company’s office building to donate blood. Everyone carefully completed the steps such as filling out the form, blood test, preliminary examination, registration, and blood collection in order, and it was full of satisfaction. The blood of love and dedication slowly flows from the employees’ arms to the blood storage bags, conveying positive energy with practical actions, fulfilling their responsibilities for society, and sending love to others.
In order to ensure the health and safety of blood donors, the company prepared brown sugar water and nutritional supplements for employees participating in blood donation physical examinations to provide employees with timely nutritional supplements. Volunteers reminded every blood donor to take more rest after donating blood.
Some of them are old comrades who have participated in voluntary blood donation several times, as well as new employees who have just started working, and there are also “blood donation experts” who have participated many times. Some employees encourage their families to participate in blood donation, and use practical actions to interpret the power and transmission of love. The warmth of the world. Employees who participated in this blood donation event said that it is the responsibility of every healthy young person to contribute a small amount to society. Blood is limited, but love is unlimited. It’s worthwhile to be able to contribute your love to society!

According to statistics, a total of 42 employees of the company successfully donated blood during this event, with a total donation amount of 11,000ml.

Post time: Jan-03-2024