Operation methods and precautions for disposable infusion sets

Operation method: Before use, medical staff should check the disinfection validity period and packaging of the disposable infusion set for air leakage and other abnormalities, take out the infusion set, and insert the bottle inserting needle into the infusion bottle (such as an infusion bag, unless it is an air inlet tube and bottle inserting needle). Integrated infusion set, otherwise there is no need to open the air inlet device, that is, insert the air inlet needle or open the air inlet hole), hang the infusion bottle on the infusion pole, exhaust the air until the medicinal solution flows to the lower end of the infusion tube, close the regulator tightly, and then The intravenous needle is inserted into the sterilized vein. After it is fixed, the tourniquet is untied and the flow rate is adjusted.
Notes 1. It is a disposable product and should comply with the corresponding national hygiene and quality standards. 2. Cross-use is prohibited. 3. Disposable infusion sets should be treated as medical waste after use.
Name of each component: Disposable infusion sets are generally composed of injection needles, needle protective caps, infusion hoses, liquid filters, flow rate regulators, drip pots, cork piercers, air filters and other parts.

Post time: Jan-16-2024