2ml Disposable Syringe with Needle luer slip luer lock

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1. Size:2ml 2.5ml

2. Luer slip tip or luer lock tip

3. Plunger barrle and Piston

4. Unit Packing: PE /Blister

5. Certificate: CE/ISO/FSC

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                                     2ml Disposable Syringe with Needle 

7U0A0122 拷贝

Introducing the 2ml Disposable Syringe with Needle, designed to provide convenience and safety for all of your medical and healthcare needs. This versatile syringe is equipped with a luer slide and luer lock mechanism for a secure, leak-free connection for a variety of applications.

The primary focus of our design is safety and hygiene. Each syringe is produced from high-quality materials, guaranteed to be sterile and free of any contaminants. The incorporation of needles ensures precise and controlled administration of medication or other fluids, reducing the risk of any potential accidents or errors.

The syringe’s 2ml capacity makes it suitable for a variety of purposes, from injecting drugs and vaccines to drawing blood samples for testing. Whether you are a healthcare professional, veterinarian, or simply need a reliable tool for personal use, this syringe provides accurate measurement and dosing capabilities to ensure optimal performance and results.

One of the key features of this syringe is Luer slide and Luer lock compatibility. Luer slide mechanism provides a friction fit connection allowing quick and easy needle connection. It is ideal for applications requiring a secure but detachable connection. On the other hand, the Luer lock mechanism provides a threaded connection ensuring a tight and locked seal preventing accidental dislodgement during dosing.

Additionally, the luer lock mechanism provides an additional layer of security, making it ideal for applications involving hazardous substances or where a more secure connection is required. This ensures that the syringe is securely seated on the needle, minimizing the risk of contamination or accidental needle stick injuries.

The 2ml Disposable Syringe with Needle is a reliable and cost-effective solution for a variety of medical and healthcare settings. Manufactured with precision and quality in mind, this syringe provides precise dosing control and maximum convenience. Trust the 2ml Disposable Syringe with Needle to meet all your medical needs, ensuring safe and reliable performance every time.

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