CE approved 1ml U-40 Disposable Insulin Syringe

Short Description:

1. Size: 1ml 40U

2. Needle:27G-31G,as customer’s requirement

3. Packing:Blister/PE/in bulk

4. Certificate: CE,ISO

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Disposable Insuline Syringe

1. Available Size: U40: 0.5ml,1ml        U100:0.3ml, 0.5ml,1ml
2. Sterilized by EO gas
3. Needle: 27G-31G,as customer’s requirement

4. Graduated scale on the barrel is easy to read.
5.  Material for barrel and plunger: Medical grade PP(polypropylene).

6. Material for gasket: latex /latex free
7. Individual pack: Blister pack / PE
8. Certificate: CE, ISO


                   1ml U-40 Disposable Insulin Syringe 




  1. The high transparency of the barrel permits the end-user a strict control on the foreign substance and liquid flow
  2. The inerasable graduation permits an easy reading, 40 units and 100 units are available
  3. The medical-grade silicone oil is used as the lubricant for the purpose of getting a smooth plunger movement.
  4. Sterilized by EO gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, single-use only
  5. Material for barrel and plunger: medical grade PP (polypropylene)
  6. Material for gasket natural ribber/latex-free
  7. Fixed needle, no dead space


  1.   1ml U-40 Disposable Insulin Syringes are carefully crafted to meet the highest quality standards. This syringe is specifically designed to be used with U-40 insulin, which is commonly used by people with diabetes. This ensures accurate dosing and effective delivery of insulin, providing patients with optimal control of their condition.
  2.  One of the main features of this syringe is its disposable nature. The disposable design does not require cleaning and sterilization, ensuring maximum patient hygiene and safety. The use of CE-certified materials ensures that the syringe is free of harmful substances and is suitable for long-term regular use.
  3.  Moreover, 1ml U-40 Disposable Insulin Syringe has a user-friendly design that is easy to handle and operate. The thin and lightweight construction improves grip comfort and reduces the risk of accidental slips or injections. Clearly marked volume scales and precise needles ensure accurate insulin doses every time, eliminating any guesswork and enhancing patient confidence.
  4.  With the 1ml U-40 Disposable Insulin Syringe, patients can experience hassle-free insulin injections. Innovative design coupled with CE certification ensures reliable and efficient diabetes management equipment. Say goodbye to the unnecessary stress and discomfort associated with insulin injections and hello to a new era of convenience and precision.

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                                     1ml U-40 Disposable Insulin Syringe 

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