30ml Low resistance Syringe

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1. Size:30ml
2. Usuage: usally it is used for anesthesia sest
3.Certificate: CE ,ISO

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Certificate: CE , ISO


 Barrel : Medical grade PP

 Plunger: Medical grade PP

 Needle: Stainless  steel
 Piston: Latex or Latex free

Performance feature

Frictional less than 2N,Clearr barrel, precise graduation,leak tight

30ml Low resistance Syringe 

7U0A0050 拷贝


Our low resistance syringes have a 30ml volume to accurately measure and deliver anesthetic medication. Larger capacity reduces the need for frequent refills, saving valuable time during surgery. It also eliminates the hassle of multiple syringe changes, reducing the risk of contamination.

The low resistance design of our syringes ensures smooth and controlled drug injection. The plunger glides effortlessly, minimizing the chance of accidental movement of the needle and reducing discomfort experienced by the patient during anesthesia. This feature makes our syringes ideal for sensitive procedures that require precise control.

In addition to its functional advantages, we have prioritized user convenience when designing this syringe. The clear barrel provides good visibility, allowing healthcare professionals to easily monitor drug levels and identify any air bubbles that may affect accurate dosing. Ergonomic finger grips ensure a comfortable grip and reduce hand fatigue during long surgical procedures.

Additionally, our 30ml low resistance anesthesia syringe set is compatible with all standard anesthesia equipment, ensuring seamless integration into existing medical facilities. Made of high-quality materials, it is durable and safe for patient use, providing healthcare professionals with a dependable tool they can trust.

CE 与 ISO 拼图




Q1.Are you manufacturer or trading company ?
A: We are professional manufacturer founded in 1987.

Q2. Can we firstly to check the sample quality?
A: Surely, it’s ok.

Q3.Could I use my own brand ?
A: OEM is welcome.

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