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Disposable Infusion Set

NO. Parameter Description
1 Size 20 drops/ml,60 drops/ml
2 Tube length 150cm,180cm or according clients requirement
3 Tip luer Slip or luer lock connector
4 Spikes Single Spike , Double Spikes, Plastic Spike or Steel Spike as you like
5 Needle with or without
6 Airvent with or without
7 Injection site Latex or latex free injection bulb,Y-site
8 Packing Unit packing: PE bag unit packing or blister package
Middle packing or middle box
Out packing: carton
Or in bulk
9 Product Accessories Vented spike, Dripping Chamber, Medicine Filter, Flow Regulator, Luer Lock/Slip ,Infusion Tube, Latex or latex-free injection bulb ,Y-injection port , Connector, and so on
10 Materials * Closure piercing device made of white PET,60 drops/ml
* Drip chamber made of  PVC
* Flow Regulator made of polyethylene or ABS
* Soft and kink resistant medical grade PVC tubing
* Terminal fitting protective cap (luer slip or Luer-lock adapter upon request)  made of PVC or polystyrene
11 OEM Available
12 Sterile Sterillized by EO gas,non-toxic,pyrogen free
13 Samples Free
14 Expir time 5 years
15 Certifiacte CE,ISO,FSC
16 others This product should be stored in a dry environment! Single use only , reuse is forbiden! Stop use if the package are damaged.

1.For infusion bags and bottles

2.Size: 20/60 Drops

3.Clear,transparent and flexible drip chamber

4.Soft and kink resistant PVC tubing

5.Roller clamp,slip clamp With/without air vented spike

6.Luer lock or luer slip connector

7.With/without needle

8.For gravity use

9.Individually in blister pack or poly bag

10.Steriled by Eo gas, non-toxic, non-pyrogenic, single use only

7U0A0081 拷贝


7U0A0088 拷贝

High-quality IV infusion sets are designed with not only the health of the patient in mind, but also the convenience of the medical staff. It is compatible with different types of IV bags and is easy to assemble and disassemble, which facilitates quick installation and minimizes the risk of contamination.

At our company, we are committed to delivering innovative and reliable medical solutions that meet the changing needs of healthcare providers. Through the introduction of high-quality IV sets, our goal is to enhance patient care, improve efficiency and facilitate safer treatment management.

Trust our high-quality IV set to deliver superior performance, seamless integration, and unrivaled patient comfort. Experience the difference between advanced technology and superior durability of our latest infusion sets. Join us as we revolutionize healthcare, one drop at a time.

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